We like to provoke and entertain anyone who crosses the threshold of Contraste to ensure that, once the last cutlery has been placed, our guest gets up from the table surprised by an unexpected experience. we find ourselves in the same vision of the kitchen and in the same philosophy of hospitality.That is why we have given life to Contraste and every day we work to renew it, having fun with our guests.Contraste was born in 2015 from the head and heart of Matias Perdomo, Thomas Piras Simon Press

Matias Perdomo

Looking at the future

A private course is the trigger that triggers the passion for cooking in this Uruguayan born in 1980, who already at the age of 14 identified his first ambitious goal: to become the chef of El Condor, the first 5-star hotel in his village.

Perdomo started his career in a small Chilean rotisserie, then moved on to a French-style catering business and finally to the Paninis restaurant specializing in Italian cuisine. It is here that he reaps his first satisfaction, leading the small place to become a chain, with three refreshment points spread across the country.

The desire to grow pushed him in 2001 to join and join his friend Juan in Italy, at the Milanese restaurant Al Pont de Ferr, a historic restaurant in Maida Mercuri on the Navigli. He then began a journey of growth and knowledge of Italian tradition: in 2006 he became the first chef and in 2011 his cuisine earned the restaurant a Michelin star. In the meantime, he takes the time to go to Spain to attend training and specialization internships in renowned starred restaurants such as Berasategui in San Sebastian and El Celler de Can Roca in Girona.

In 2015, again in Milan, he will open his restaurant, Contraste, together with his adventure companions Thomas Piras and Simon Press.

Simon Press

Living the Present

He was born in Buenos Aires in 1979 and grew up in the city of Bariloche, near the Chilean border, in a family originally from north-eastern Europe, the second of four brothers.

The passion for cooking arises spontaneously, together with the scent of bread that attracted him to the home kitchen as a child where, between pleasure and necessity, he soon learned to move around the stove. He began his career working with Dolli Irigoyen in Buenos Aires, but at 21 even Argentina was too small for him and he set off to discover the old continent: Spain, France, Italy.

From there he would have liked to reach Australia, but he is unable to abandon Italy, in love with its territory and its flavours.

The meeting with chef Matias Perdomo will be a turning point for his career, because in him he finds someone with whom he shares the same philosophy, the incalculable curiosity and desire to experiment in the kitchen. Elements that will lead them to work together for the creation of their restaurant, Contraste.

Thomas Piras

Respecting the past

Born in Milan in 1985 to Sardinian parents with a passion for good food, after high school he found himself by chance working as a waiter, but immediately understood that dining room work would be his future.

After a short period in a luxury catering business and in various high-level Milanese locations, he left for an international experience that took him first to Spain, then to Australia, the United States and Norway.

He returns to Milan after 8 years and decides to stay there, fascinated by the prospect of dealing with the new panorama of Milanese catering. In 2015 Contraste's new adventure together with chef Matias Perdomo and sous-chef Press, two friends who have the same vision of catering as him: fun and carefree, but at the same time precise, innovative and with great respect for tradition.