Contraste was born in 2015 from the head and heart of Matias Perdomo, Simon Press and Thomas Piras who have shared the same vision of cuisine and hospitality philosophy for years.

“We like to stimulate and entertain anyone who crosses the threshold of our restaurant to ensure that, once the last piece of cutlery has been put down, our guest leaves the table surprised by an unexpected experience.”


Contraste has no menu since 2015.

When we usually read a menu our head begins to travel, imagines combinations, colors and knowing the exact ingredients limits the surprise, the discovery and this forces us to become only judges.

We want to create a relationship of trust, complicity and freedom; we would like to question ourselves every day with our guests by proposing our vision of cooking and all the related reflections.

Contraste therefore offers a unique experience: wide, varied, fun; where tradition intersects with innovation and where taste is always at the center.


In the ancient taverns, to choose what to eat,
you didn't have to look at a very long menu.
Instead, there were those who welcomed you, listened to how you were, made suggestions and accompanied you carefully along the dinner.

Contraste is simply the same:
the human relationship, the curiosity, the mystery are for us the fundamental ingredients for those who choose to live our experience to the full; therefore a physical menu in Contraste is not provided.

“Reflex” menu

It focuses on fun by transforming the raw material into a game linked to the memory of taste.

“Reflections” menu

It focuses on unusual combinations of ingredients, a slightly more conceptual experience that constantly challenges the palate with the idea of ​​expressing free cuisine.

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